ICPC Product Sourcing

ICPC Product Sourcing functions much like the "Quote" feature found in your shopping cart. With this option, you can reach out to our team to specify the exact product you need, along with the desired price and quantity. Within 24 hours, our dedicated team will get in touch with you, having diligently sourced the requested product and quantity, striving to match your preferred price as closely as possible.

Why use product sourcing?

  • Quick Fufilment
  • Direct contact with manafacturers
  • EDI Connection
  • Vast product range

Benefits of using Product Sourcing

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

ICPC will always try to get as close to your requested price (Sometimes even better!)

Quick Fulfillment

Quick Fulfillment

Once you have agreed on the price, our team will have the product shipped within 24hrs

Wide Range

Wide Range

ICPC is in direct contact with manufacturers to source almost 99% of your requests.

How to get started with product sourcing?

We have made it easy for our customers to get started with product sourcing.

  • Go to this form
  • Fill in the form
  • Add in the MPN

Our team will then contact you within 24hrs with a quote for the sourced product.

Please note that only ICPC Distribution account holders are eligible for product sourcing.

For Business customers or private customers, please use the "Request a quote" function in the product basket.